It has been a dream of mine for many years to take lessons to play piano. I am sixty-eight, never having been trained in any instrument. I have admired the dedication, passion, and talent Sylvia Furash brings to teaching classical piano to learners on all levels and have been encouraged by her to begin lessons despite my age and inexperience. Learning piano with Sylvia has been a complete joy. I am using a text for adult learners for which Sylvia was the consultant. It introduces me to reading music, playing various compositions, and experimenting with the keyboard in incremental ways that are challenging and exciting. The lessons themselves with Sylvia are inspiring. I’m not only learning elements of music—its language, rhythms, patterns; but also body, arm and finger posture and motion; how the piano works, and how to accept my own imperfections as I find my way in a new world. As a teacher and role model, Sylvia shares her knowledge, skill, patience and creativity. With Sylvia, learning piano is a holistic art, engaging mind, body and spirit.

Sharonadult studentBrewster, MA