Mrs. Furash has been teaching piano to my son for almost three years. Since then, my son has improved very much in his technical skills. He now uses techniques such as “rotation, in and out” in his pieces and thumbs up when playing scales; using free fingers and unified arm.

Mrs. Furash is a very responsible and dedicated teacher. She always finds opportunities for her students to perform in public, such as at the Cultural Center, nursing home and Senior Center. By attending all the events, my son gained a lot of experience in his performance. She also attends all her students performances and prepares them by holding a Musicale before each to make sure the students are comfortable and ready for the big day.

I am glad that my son has Mrs. Furash as her piano teacher, and highly recommend her to any parents that want their child to study piano.

Wai-SaparentYarmouth Port, MA