Sylvia Furash is an incredible human being blessed with musical talent, passion for the piano and teaching her craft to others. I’ve known Sylvia from her time in New York. As a performer, she is a brilliant technician, a versatile interpreter of a wide range of the literature, and an empathetic partner in chamber ensembles. She has a magnificent way with young students – a combination of being both demanding and loving.  Most important, her  students sense fairness and sincerity.  I taught music in college and public schools – for a total of 35 years  – and as such, I can easily recognize Sylvia’s skill in teaching children.

Her young students performing in a program with other piano students stand apart from the other students because Sylvia’s possess a clean technic and a stylistically appropriate interpretation.

Beyond her musical passion, Sylvia is a very cultured individual with an outstanding collection of art and books of all sorts. She possesses a wealth of source material for young musicians to learn about the craft of music, and she is most generous in allowing them to share in their richness. In addition, Sylvia is a gourmet chef having a wide array of delectable recipes from which to choose.

Alanpianist/colleagueHopewell Junction, NY